At Elias Legal, our foundation is built on the expertise and dedication of John M. Elias, Esq., and Charles C. Gentile, Esq., leading attorneys with a commitment to providing exceptional legal services. Specializing in a select range of practice areas, we cater to the unique needs of our clients in Personal Injury, Family Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate, DUIs, Bankruptcy, and Immigration. Our focused approach allows us to offer tailored, effective solutions, ensuring that every client receives the dedicated support and expertise needed to navigate their legal challenges successfully.

Our dedication to specializing in specific legal fields stems from a desire to make the most meaningful impact within our community. Leveraging our years of accumulated knowledge, we strive to deliver tangible, positive outcomes for individuals during their most difficult moments. The privilege of supporting our community in such a way is immensely fulfilling.

This devotion to community service influences not only our areas of specialization but also our approach to legal practice. We prioritize availability, responsiveness, and respect in our interactions, aiming to provide such exceptional service that clients would not hesitate to return should they need legal assistance in the future. As the local attorneys that our community members turn to in times of need, we are committed to standing with them through their challenges.

John M. Elias, Esq.

I’m a proud native of Uniontown, PA, where my roots run deep and have significantly shaped my personal and professional life. Currently residing in Greensburg, I’ve been a steadfast business owner in Connellsville since 1999, reflecting my enduring commitment to our community. My academic journey took me from the halls of Uniontown Area High School to the vibrant campuses of Virginia Tech for my undergraduate degree, culminating in a law degree from Loyola University of Chicago.

As a father of two, I possess a profound understanding of family dynamics and the critical nature of family law. This personal insight fuels my dedication to advocating for families during their most challenging times, ensuring they receive compassionate, comprehensive legal support.

My devotion extends beyond the legal field to encompass a deep appreciation for our community’s rich history and geography. I am committed to contributing positively to our area, not only through legal services but also by being an active, engaged member of our community. My goal is to leverage my expertise and personal experiences to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around me.

Charles C. Gentile

Charles C. Gentile brings over fifty years of comprehensive legal experience to our team. A steadfast member of our community since completing his law education at Dayton Law School in Ohio, Charles’s roots may trace back to Ohio, but his heart and dedication have long been invested in the local area. His extensive career covers an impressive breadth of law, handling criminal, civil, and everything in between, showcasing his versatile legal prowess.

Not just a distinguished attorney, Charles is a family man with two adult children and numerous grandchildren, adding a personal touch to his professional achievements. His deep understanding of family dynamics enriches his practice, especially in areas like family law.

An interesting facet of Charles’s diverse skill set is his CDL truck driving license, which has endowed him with a unique insight into commercial accident law. This specialized knowledge, combined with his robust history in practicing law, ensures our clients receive expert advice and representation across a wide range of legal matters. Charles’s dedication to justice, coupled with his profound connection to family and community, makes him an invaluable asset to our team and the clients we serve.

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